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Alexander Clouter alex at
Wed Jul 27 19:30:51 CEST 2011

john <john at> wrote:
> The radiusd keeps closing and i have to restart it.  I am running 
> 2.1.11 on this server but i have recently upgraded to this and it was 
> happening before.
> The program uses up all the memory on the computer which is 4GB and I 
> have enclosed a picture of this.  I can send what ever config files 
> you need to help me discover this problem.  We are using a MySql 
> database to keep track of customer accounts and usage.
IIRC the fix you need it:

I recommend, if possible, to just use the v2.1.x tree which is 'stable' 
just not a marked official release.

I am though currently trying to pin down a bug where FreeRADIUS just 
closes it's-self down for no reason at all.  I have run tcpdump during 
the clean shutdown, and see it is not malformed traffic causing the 
problem, RAM usage is normal, open FD's is sane, etc etc.  Caught the 
event many times with gdb, but it's not a SIG, just a regular exit().

Currently now running FreeRADIUS in production with -X to see if there 
is anything in the full debug logs...

Just a warning, but I would imagine there would be other grumblings on 
the list (or I have missed them and it's already fixed...).


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