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Alexander Clouter alex at
Thu Jul 28 18:51:39 CEST 2011

Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:
> Alexander Clouter wrote:
>> rad_recv: Status-Server packet from host port 50412, id=38, length=38
>> [event.c:3002] Failed to insert event
>  Ouch.
Indeed.  It did only start to happen once I upgraded to 2.1.11 from 
2.1.10.  Of course I was originally plagued by the OP's problem of the 
memory leak when using git v2.1.x between these releases; which might 
have hidden this particular problem.
Before 2.1.11, FreeRADIUS ran fine for weeks.

>> There seem to be a bunch of malloc()'s where it could fail lurking 
>> behind INSERT_EVENT().  I am pretty sure that the system is not running 
>> out of RAM (it is a 512MB box) but I am now priming up snmpd and RRD to 
>> track this over time.
>> Any ideas?
>  Hmm... 512MB isn't a lot for a modern system.  And on Linux, malloc()
> never fails.
...plenty though.  Over nearly 12 hours of use, RAM usaged for 
FreeRADIUS is still at 15MB for one of my nodes and the other is 17MB.  
Linux is using the 280MB for filesystem cache and still has 180MB free!

> The other alternative is some kind of internal API problem.  But those 
> should all be fixed in git head.
If you think there is something relevent in v2.1.x since 2.1.11 then 
I'll give it a go sooner rather than later.

Can you think of something that might not be system RAM related but 
maybe caused by another possible RAM limit, heap, stack whatever it is 
(not quite my forte)?


Alexander Clouter
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