New User and AD Question

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Wed Mar 2 13:36:53 CET 2011

On 02/03/11 12:32, McNutt, Justin M. wrote:
>>> Note use of "%{mschap:User-Name}" and
>> "%{mschap:NT-Domain}".  Despite this, "host/computer.domain"
>> login attempts always fail.  Hence, trying to do the
>> translation manually via a regex and update clauses.
>>    And what happens when you try to run ntlm_auth on the command-line?
>>    i.e. take the string printed by the server, and keep running it by
>> hand.  Play with the various parameters until it works.
>> Then, configure
>> the server to run it with those parameters.
> Also, here is the 'mschap' section from a recent attempt.

I don't see anything. Did you forget an attachment?

> So something in mschap is broken?  Perhaps is an old bug?  This is version 2.1.7 (built a little over a year ago, Dec. 2009).

I don't think so. That code has been unchanged for a *long* time.

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