Compiling master branch

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Mar 3 14:28:51 CET 2011

Kristoffer Milligan wrote:
> Due to the need for nested TLVs I'm trying to compile FreeRADIUS from
> the master branch:
> The configuration works fine, but when I try to compile the project, it
> fails:
> /root/freeradius-server/src/modules/rlm_redis/rlm_redis.h:35:29: error:
> hiredis/hiredis.h: No such file or directory

  Hmm... the "configure" stage found the header file, but it's not found
when the server builds.  <sigh>

  The simplest solution is to delete the rlm_redis* directories.

  Alan DeKok.

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