MS-CHAP-V2 with no retry

James J J Hooper jjj.hooper at
Fri Mar 4 11:10:46 CET 2011

--On 04 March 2011 10:46 +0100 Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:

> Phil Mayers wrote:
>> The FreeRadius EAP-MSCHAP (rlm_eap_mschap) has a hardcoded error message:
>> E=691 R=0
>   Really?  I don't see that.
>   What I do see is that it doesn't copy the MS-CHAP-Error into the TLS
> tunnel.
>   That could be fixed for 2.1.11, I guess.  If someone can test it...

Yes please, and will do.


James J J Hooper
Network Specialist, University of Bristol 	

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