Freeradius2 and OSX clients no TLS

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Sun Mar 6 20:22:18 CET 2011


> > I changed "default_eap_type=md5" to  "default_eap_type=ttls" and now the
> > Macs are able to authenticate without Certs or any configuration on their
> > side!!

I'm guessing that MD5 isnt a valid 'ready ticked' EAP type by default.  you
would probably be okay putting eg  default_eap_type=peap  too

I'd also agree with James too - you really dont want to just allow a dumb
'click and go' configuration to be valid on a client - otherwise a malicious
person could spoof your SSID and your RADIUS server and then clients could
try authenticating against the bad RADIUS server with no warnings for
the user. if using TTLS/PAP that could be very bad


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