linelog and rlm_eap

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Mar 11 10:17:59 CET 2011

Kolbjørn Barmen wrote:
> What I meant to ask for, is some way of having more usefull information
> from failed logins. Today we're using ldap backend, and the only error
> message that comes in the log is "rlm_ldap: User not found", regardless
> of what the real cause is.

  There may be *multiple* "real causes".  Which ones do you want?

> Typically the only way I have found today is
> to run debugging and read through the entire session to see what the
> output from the various rlm_eap_*-modules is. Would be excellent if one
> could use linelog to create a log of how the eap-negotiation progresses
> for every login.

  As always, patches are welcome.

  The EAP module will have to export an attribute describing it's
current state.  This will likely have to be done for every EAP sub-type,

  Alan DeKok.

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