Access Accept vs Tunneled reply

David Peterson davidp at
Fri Mar 11 19:30:01 CET 2011

Please correct my assumption if I am off.... I have been working on getting
reply attributes sent out to define VLAN's etc on a WiMax NAS.  I see the
following in radiusd -X:

(3495) [ttls] Got tunneled reply code 2
        WiMAX-VLAN-ID := 192
        WiMAX-Classifer-Direction = Bi-Directional
        WiMAX-Classifer-Priority = 1
        WiMAX-ClassifierID = 1
        WiMAX-Downlink-QOS-Id = 1
        WiMAX-Uplink-QOS-Id = 1
        WiMAX-Transport-Type = Ethernet
        WiMAX-Direction = Bi-Directional
        WiMAX-Packet-Data-Flow-Id = 1
        WiMAX-QoS-Id = 1
        WiMAX-Schedule-Type = Best-Effort
        WiMAX-Maximum-Sustained-Traffic-Rate = 31457289
        WiMAX-R3-IF-Name = "vpws"
        WiMAX-PDFID = 1
        MS-CHAP2-Success =
        MS-MPPE-Recv-Key = 0xaaa52b27b269158aa25a2c3c36612ec4
        MS-MPPE-Send-Key = 0xfd2e2270200bf84a3c9e34afe8eed5c1
        MS-MPPE-Encryption-Policy = Encryption-Allowed
        MS-MPPE-Encryption-Types = RC4-40or128-bit-Allowed
(3495) [ttls] Got tunneled Access-Accept

Which would suggest that I am sending those TLV's in a radius packet.
However, I ran Wireshark and do not see these TLV's in any radius packet.
What would stop freeradius from creating these TLV's in the packet.  I am
thinking my dictionary.wimax additions are to blame or perhaps I need to use
different operators.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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I am wondering if it's a misconfiguration of a group reply.  I have those
attributes listed as a group-reply.  Would putting the attributes in the
normal vs the group reply put them in a different portion of the response?


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David Peterson <davidp at> wrote:
> These values are unique per user.  Is there an elegant way to copy 
> this to the post-auth section?
The following might help?


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