Trying to get my sql configuration right.

John.Hayward at John.Hayward at
Sat Mar 12 00:33:26 CET 2011

Hi Radius People,

I am getting the message from sql authentication:
!!! Please update your configuration so that the "known good"               !!!
!!! clear text password is in Cleartext-Password, and not in User-Password. !!! 

>From other posts the solution is to update the configuration to replace
the attribute "User-Password" to be "Cleartext-Password" in the radcheck 

In the radcheck table I actually have "Password" which probably get mapped 
to User-Password and then the warning occurs.

If I change an entry in radcheck table to actually have Cleartext-Password 
in the radcheck table I get:
[pap] WARNING! No "known good" password found for the user.  Authentication may fail because of this.

and it fails to authenticate (but does not produce the warning message ;-)

What might be causing the attribute "Password" from the table to get 
mapped to "User-Password" and what is suggested that I change to have 
radius be happy?


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