Sending attribute with sub-attributes

David Peterson davidp at
Mon Mar 14 13:54:21 CET 2011

I am working on the same issue, likely with the same NAS vendor.  Is the
order important?


I am also seeing some "uknown attributes" in my pcap file.   Perhaps I am on
the wrong build.  How do I verify if I am compiling 3.0 version?






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Kristoffer Milligan wrote:

> Attribute

>     R3-IF-Descriptor

> Sub-TLV

>     R3-IF-Name

>     R3-IF-ID

>     PDFID


> These are all exposed in the dictionary .. but running a MySQL based 

> freeradius configuration, how do I return this type of packet when a 

> user requests access?


                R3-IF-Name = "foo"

                R3-IF-ID = 1234



  The server will take care of encapsulating them into the R3-IF-Descriptor
when it sends a packet.  Until then, don't worry about it. :)


  Alan DeKok.


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