SQL Counter Logic !

suman at clydontech.com suman at clydontech.com
Tue Mar 15 16:56:14 CET 2011

Is it possible to change the date of Expiration to DATETIME rather  
than String ?

Expiration Attribute is unable to parse a DATETIME but is able to  
parse a String

10 Jan 2011 << Is Parsed

2011-01-10 << Unable to Parse

Reason is that i want to run a counter which will pick the Expiration  
and Activation date from radcheck table and run a SUM(acctsession) on  
radacct table within the specific DATETIME.

This workaround is needed as we may have multiple users whose  
expiration time does not essentially *is* the end day of the month.

For Ex. User A - Account Activation - 10 Mar 2011 Expiry 9 Apr 2011
For Ex. User B - Account Activation - 15 Mar 2011 Expiry 14 Apr 2011

A Monthly SQLCounter will use Last Reset Date as 1 Mar 2011 and Next  
Reset Date as 1 Apr 2011.

So in the above case the acctsessiontime for User A and User B will be wrong.

Please let me know if my understanding of the SQLCounter is correct or  
is it the other way around.

Best Regards

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