same username different password on different NAS

Richard Thornton rthornt at
Wed Mar 16 21:16:22 CET 2011

I am just learning about freeradius now, and would like to see if I can use it 
to manage access and logging for users at a few hundred locations.  Each remote 
office has between 1 and 50 users, and at first glance freeradius will do the 
job, but I just noticed a problem with overlapping usernames.  I am not sure if 
I need to use virtual servers, or if there is a better / easier way.

The problem is that each location may have a user with the same login name as a 
different location.  For a simple example, each site could have a login of 
"manager", but the manager username at each site would probably pair up with a 
different password.

Without using virtual servers, is there a way to link the username "manager" to 
the NAS name or IP of the location?  I'm picturing something like the radcheck 
table containing an additional field for NAS such that freeradius would key off 
the combined of NAS address and username fields, rather than just the username 

I am not opposed to using virtual servers if that is a better idea, but I'm 
worried about the overhead of several hundred of them...  Any ideas or pointers 
to docs would be appreciated.


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