same username different password on different NAS

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That gives me a good place to start.  Sounds so much easier to manage.  Much 


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Sound like a configuration (a job for :> ) "realms".
Each location would be a different realm, so the seemingly overlapping
username "manger" would in fact be a unique "manager at realm-X".


On Wednesday, March 16, 2011, Richard Thornton <rthornt at> wrote:
> I am just learning about freeradius now, and would like to see if I can use it 
>to manage access and logging for users at a few hundred locations.  Each remote 
>office has between 1 and 50 users, and at first glance freeradius will do the 
>job, but I just noticed a problem with overlapping usernames.  I am not sure if 
>I need to use virtual servers, or if there is a better / easier way.
> The problem is that each location may have a user with the same login name as a 
>different location.  For a simple example, each site could have a login of 
>"manager", but the manager username at each site would probably pair up with a 
>different password.
> Without using virtual servers, is there a way to link the username "manager" to 
>the NAS name or IP of the location?  I'm picturing
>  something like the radcheck table containing an additional field for NAS such 
>that freeradius would key off the combined of NAS address and username fields, 
>rather than just the username field.
> I am not opposed to using virtual servers if that is a better idea, but I'm 
>worried about the overhead of several hundred of them...  Any ideas or pointers 
>to docs would be appreciated.
> -Richard

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