Sending attribute with sub-attributes

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Well, I fixed this issue.  The dictionary I had was in wimax format not
normal dictionary format.



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What does this tech mean by this?


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David Peterson wrote:

> After some excellent tutelage from Mr. Wiechman, I am getting 

> different access-accept.  However, it's showing Breezecom attributes 

> which seem out of place.


  edit the "dictionary" file, and delete the "dictionary.alvarion"



  Also, do "git pull" from the master branch. Some fixes went in today.


> Is there another dictionary that is driving the Breezecom-Attr or does 

> Freeradius just figure out its Alvarion and assign that internally?


  Alvarion has ~3 incompatible vendor-specific dictionaries.  And each is
broken in weird and wonderful ways.


  Alan DeKok.

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