Needed Freeradius 2.x + MySQL + Dynamic DHCP.. its possible?

Rogelio Sevilla Fernandez sevilla at
Thu Mar 17 20:32:02 CET 2011

Hi.. Im working with Freeradius 2.1.8 + Mysql Support.

The Auth system works well. The only thing to do its add DHCP support.

This is the Scenario:

Client Connects to AP1.
AP1 do the request/replies from/to FreeRadius Server..
Client get Authenticated and asking IP from DHCP..

I dont want use the DHCP Server like ISC because i dont want send IPs  
to my Wired LAN, only for Wireless.

So, If the clients auths from AP1, i need freeradius send DHCP data to  
my client using one dinamic IP Pool like with  
DefaultGateway, NetworkMask and DNS server.

If the same client auths from AP2, send DHCP data to the client using  
another dinamic IP pool like with DefaultGW, Netmask  
and DNS server.

Is it possible to that?

Im working with DaloRadius...

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Gobierno del Estado de Colima
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