Using Freeradius2

Luke Hammond luke at
Fri Mar 18 21:24:35 CET 2011

Hey all, is there any good resources on how to actually use Freeradius2 
once its installed?

I have it running along with CoovaChilli as my captive portal, and 
daloRADIUS for the GUI (As i wil have people inputting users that have 
no idea about how to use command..).

My problem is this: we have clients that are people in teh ir houses 
that connect to our wireless network, COoca login page appears and they 
login with the username and password that i input into daloRADIUS. I 
have a few clients that are small Lan Houses that want to use our 
system, but i am unsure if i can have them not need to login through the 
CoovaChilli portal, and they just get authenticated via MAC address of 
their Antenna? I can't find any good documentation on how to do anything 
with Freeradius.

Thanks in Advance

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