test suite simulating NAS for development?

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at lboro.ac.uk
Sat Mar 19 16:14:30 CET 2011


> Currently with PAP auth-only test to MySQL-backed freeradius I get
> about 2000 succesful authentications per second. It'd be great if I
> can get the maximum number of supported users on this system with a
> typical auth -> acct-start -> interim-update -> acct-stop cycle.

you should get much faster than that - but some of that will be tweaks
to MySQL - use a better engine like InnoDB, use buffers/cache etc

for what its worth I've been chucking 10,000 users in CVS file through
radperf with no issues - not sure why yours is barfing at 7 lines....

I've tested multiple proxy paths wih various backend systems...the fasteest
I have acheived was with local 'fastusers' file and the result was
stupidly high speeds... 10,000 users all dealt with in less than 100msec
with no issues - thats with logging etc...i was happy....its only
when you rely on external services - AD/LDAP/SQL etc that things start getting


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