Own exec module with bash: permission denied

Paul Thornton prt at prt.org
Sun Mar 20 18:29:27 CET 2011

On 20/03/2011 17:27, Marten Pape wrote:
> Alan DeKok schrieb:
>>    The script is owned by "root", and the server is running as user
>> "radiusd".
>>    Alan DeKok.
>> -
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> This is correct, but the script has access rights for everyone (777 =
> rwx;rwx;rwx).
> I changed the ownership of the file to freerad:freerad but there's no
> different output. A user called "radiusd" doesn't exist on my system.

Check the access permissions on /root and the other directories in that 
path as well.  One of those probably won't have permission for the 
radius user to enter them.


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