Please help me with sqlcounter

Suman Dash suman at
Mon Mar 21 10:24:01 CET 2011

I am trying to do the same in sqlcounter but looks like the %b is hard 
coded and there is no way to make it dynamically read from database. I 
have tried using custom sqlcounter but it doe not escapes properly.

Anyone effort in commenting on this thread will be highly appreciable as 
it will enable the user to do a custom time based session accounting 
instead of fixed 1 ~ 30 date accounting.

Best Regards

On 3/21/2011 11:54 AM, frankfang wrote:
> I want to use sqlcounter to control the user's traffic usage, and I have
> these needs:
> 1. I have read the wiki  about
> the sqlcounter, and I get %b as the unix time value of beginning of reset
> period.... but how can I set this value? I want to sqlcounter begin count at
> a specific time such as the register time.. Is it possible?
> 2. When user's traffic usage over a value, I hope the server will disconnect
> the connected user immediately, Is it possible for doing this?
> I have read some article about sqlcounter, but I'm still confused about
> these questions, can anyone help me?
> I'm very appreciate for your help
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