Load Balancing EAP with freeradius...

Robert Roll Robert.Roll at utah.edu
Wed Mar 23 21:56:54 CET 2011

 I'd like to try load balancing EAP/PEAP/MSCHAPV2 using freeradius. I looked at the proxy.conf and it seems
that there are two options, because you have to insure the same end client talks to the
same radius server. There seems to be client-balance that uses IP source addresses and
there is Load-Balance-Key something like

    update control {
    Load-Balance-Key := "%{NAS-IP-Address} %{NAS-Port} %{User-Name} %{Calling-Station-ID}"

 Currently, we have a Radiator server that uses client mac-addresses for this purpose. If I do
want to use the Load-Balance-Key, I'm honestly not sure where to put the update of the
Load-Balance-Key.. Does it go in the proxy.conf  ?



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