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Fri Mar 25 10:03:29 CET 2011

I know coz one morning, i used radwho and saw this one client connected for like 
8 hrs straight. then i doubled check the vpn server hes connected and its been 

is there a way to fix it? thank you alan dekok

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Rtz Poknat wrote:
> so when a vps suddenly reboots, there are still user sessions there but
> infact, they are not coz the vpn server shutdown suddently. so when
> these users tried to login, they cant coz there is still a ghost session.

  How do you know that the NAS rebooted?

> are there any means to solve this problem? pls help

  When the NAS reboots, clear out the existing sessions.  See "radzap".

  Alan DeKok.
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