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Mr. Alan DeKok

My NAS is not a physical hardware. Its actually a radius client.

Im using openVPN together with this radiusplugin :

But the question is, radcheck only works in real hardware right, like cisco, 

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Rtz Poknat wrote:
> I know coz one morning, i used radwho and saw this one client connected
> for like 8 hrs straight. then i doubled check the vpn server hes
> connected and its been shutdown. 
> is there a way to fix it? thank you alan dekok

  Perhaps I was unclear: *you* need to determine when the NAS reboots.
How that happens is up to you.  Only you have access to the NAS.  Only
you know what make, model, and version of the NAS it is.  Only you can
see when it reboots.

  When you've decided that the NAS has rebooted, run "radzap".

  Alan DeKok.
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