Post Logout/Session timeout SQL

Marc Phillips rmarc at
Sat Mar 26 21:01:14 CET 2011

I'm using freeradius with coova-chilli.  Works fine and dandy, but
I'm trying to enforce some policy which I can do with some scripts,
but it would be much cleaner to do with radius (IMHO).

What I want to happen is when user session timeout or bandwidth restriction
has been hit, update a database field.  right now on session timeout 
accounting_update_query appears to be run.  I would like to run an additional
query as well, to disable the account (I've added a "disabled" field to the 
radcheck and updated my auth query to check that).

Is this something that can be configured, or is there some better way to 
accomplish what I'm trying to do?

R. Marc

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