peap termination issue when using fault tolerance for Redundency

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Mar 27 14:47:31 CEST 2011

Gil Mazor wrote:
> Yes , the error do cause a problem, as once it occurs , I must restart
> Radiusd.
> I attach two logs, first one is with the failure and the second one is a
> success , when the second IAS is commented in proxy.conf
> Log of the problem:
> FreeRADIUS Version 2.1.10, for host i686-pc-cygwin, built on Mar 15 2011 at
> 16:08:33

  On *cygwin*?  That's why you're getting ECONNRESET on a UDP socket.

  Windows sucks.  The UDP socket is *not* connected, and it should *not*
be getting that message.

  The Windows network stack thinks that because *one* destination for
the UDP socket says "I'm down", then that must mean that the UDP socket
can't send to any *other* destination, either.  That's stupid.

  Unfortunately, this will be awkward to fix.  The code in FreeRADIUS
assumes that the network stack works, and that unconnected UDP sockets
aren't suddenly disconnected from the network.  The fix is to change a
number of internal APIs so that the correct error is propagated backward
through the code.  Then, to close and-reopen the proxy socket when it
sees that error.

  I don't think that's possible in 2.1.10.  The rest of the
infrastructure code just isn't there.  It may be possible in the next
major release.

  In short, use an OS that works.  Or, live with the fact that the
server needs to be restarted whenever a home server dies.

  Alan DeKok.

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