MLPPP Acct-Session-Id

Jay Kuhne (jkuhne) jkuhne at
Tue Mar 29 15:16:33 CEST 2011

Hi Alan,

Do you know of a syntax on Radclient for defining the
"Message-Authenticator attribute"?
I'll see if I can find it in the accounting record, get it working and
then follow-up as to why the it's not as per RFC.


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Hi Alan,

Thanks for your reply.  I think the bottom line is I need to do some
more investigation.

I tried a PPP vs. MLPPP session and my COAs work as expected.

I'll see if I can gather data from the Accounting-Request like you
mention.  I'll see if I can find the " Message-Authenticator attribute"

I'm not sure why the NAS is making this mandatory, I'll have to

This is very helpful since as I can clearly see I'm not an expert in
this area.


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Jay Kuhne (jkuhne) wrote:
> Is there another attribute syntax on radclient that could be used 
> aside from Acct-Session-Id  to perform COA to a session

  I'm not sure I can parse that.

  I *think* the correct response is to say "read the NAS documentation".
 If the NAS accepts CoA packets, the documentation *should* say what it
needs in the CoA to disconnect a session.

  Failing that, look at the Accounting-Request packets for the session.
 Take that data (other than the various counters), put it into a CoA
packet, and hope for the best.

> RADIUS: COA  received from id 48 x.x.x.99:1052, CoA Request, len 149

> COA: x.x.x.20 request queued

> COA: Message Authenticator missing or failed decode

  That message seems clear.  Add the Message-Authenticator attribute to
the CoA packet.

  And *why* does the NAS require this?  RFC5176 does *not* require a
Message-Authenticator to be in a CoA packet.

  Alan DeKok.
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