Per Vendor NAS-Port documentation

Jason Antman jantman at
Wed Mar 30 20:25:03 CEST 2011

Olivier Bilodeau wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if there has been a collective effort to document the 
> meaning of the NAS-Port by the various Network Vendors?
> We are working on PacketFence here (an open source NAC) and we 
> translate the NAS-Port to the ifIndex so we can request a dot1x 
> reauthentication to the ifIndex if we want to (ie: IDS event).
> We've done the translation by ourselves since vendor documentation is 
> often lacking and I was thinking there must exist such a resource. 
> Does anyone here know?
> I know we could use CoA with the original NAS-Port but it's less 
> supported than the SNMP PAE Reauthenticate MIBs.
> Thanks!
If there's nothing yet, maybe they can create a wiki page for it? I'd be 
willing to edit the entries, either on the wiki if I can get an account, 
or offline and batch up the responses into wiki markup.

I have Cisco on the wired side, Meru and BlueSocket on the wireless. I 
haven't done RADIUS on the wireless yet, but can try it out and check 
the values (probably meaningless) sometime.


PS - I recently heard about PacketFence for the first time on a podcast 
(don't remember which one). Sounds like a very interesting and useful 

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