MLPPP Acct-Session-Id

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Thu Mar 31 23:25:32 CEST 2011

Hi Alan,

Thanks again for your reply, I just wanted to follow-up with you.

On the ASR1K BRAS we see the same Message-Authenticator when performing COA via PPP so that is not the issue here

After enabling more debug and performing COA when the multilink bundle is established, we get 

Mar 28 14:32:07.078 EST: RADIUS:   4E 6F 20 76 61 6C 69 64 20 53 65 73 73 69 6F 6E  [ No valid Session]
Mar 28 14:32:07.078 EST: RADIUS:  Dynamic-Author-Error[101] 6   Unsupported Service       [405]

So far the bundle appears to be reflected in cli output as having the same type of UID, AAA_id and Sesison_Id as a PPP session but obviously that does not work.  So we need to work with our Cisco development to understand how to identify the bundle.
The qos policies are attached to the bundles and not the underlying PPP sessions so we truly need to address the bundle with COA.

Just wanted to let you know where I'm at.


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Okay thanks.  I'll do some investigating and let you know.
It may be a little bit but I will reply with my findings.

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Jay Kuhne (jkuhne) wrote:
> Do you know of a syntax on Radclient for defining the 
> "Message-Authenticator attribute"?

  It's just like any other attribute...

	Message-Authenticator = ""

> I'll see if I can find it in the accounting record, get it working and

> then follow-up as to why the it's not as per RFC.

  The NAS vendors don't bother following (or even reading) the RFCs.

  Alan DeKok.

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