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> On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 5:23 PM, gary <gary.yang at> wrote:
>> Hi Fajar
>> I think the secondname field may be realm instead of.
> First rule before asking anything: make SURE you know what you want.
> When you're not even sure, how can others help you?
>> I am thinking this in case without proxy, using local database it can
>> determine by two field "username+realm" instead one check field username
>> such as "gary at companyA" . User can see his/her name like "gary" only 
>> without
>> "@companyA" character.
> What do you mean "User can SEE"?
> The question is simple. What does the user put as username? How do you
> want to process that username?
> If the user only inputs "gary", and you don't know how you you can get
> the realm, then how can FR do what you want? By being psychic?
Sorry for my poor english.
>From the login page,user can type his name and select pull-down option for 
the realm and then send to FR server for authentication.
for example, gary at domain1 and gary at domain2 come from different company and 
both in same database.
I can directly input gary at domain1 and gary at domain2 as user name for 
but I would like to separate two field for checking.
user can see(probably read) user infomation(eg:logout page) only user name 
instead of gary at domain1 .
Furthermore, in case lot of data in radcheck, it can be search,sort...etc 
according to the realm field to improve server performance.

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