No such virtual server NULL

Vincent, Fabien fabien.vincent at
Tue Nov 8 14:19:27 CET 2011

Hi all,


I’m using FreeRadius to authenticate admin users on Firewall / Load Balancer


Actually my configuration works well, but I just tried to had a new Load
Balancer with Radius Auth, but I’ve a strange message :


Going to the next request

Waking up in 4.9 seconds.

rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host port 27705, id=236,

        User-Name = "myuser"

        User-Password = "pass"

        NAS-IP-Address =

        NAS-Identifier = "httpd"

        NAS-Port = 26680

        NAS-Port-Type = Virtual

        Service-Type = Authenticate-Only

        Calling-Station-Id = ""

server NULL {

No such virtual server NULL

Invalid user: [myuser] (from client NAS-SHORTNAME port 26680 cli

} # server NULL

Using Post-Auth-Type Reject

No such virtual server NULL

Delaying reject of request 2 for 1 seconds

Going to the next request



What is this message ? No such virtual server NULL


Why this works for existing configuration and adding a new NAS to sql
database is giving this result ?


Thanks in advance for your help !



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