newbie and realms

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Nov 9 15:00:54 CET 2011

walter harms wrote:
> mmh, i am starting to understand, i was expecting something different
> therefore i did not realize what i have found.

  Asking good questions helps.  "How do I set up realms" gets answered
by "read the realm documentation".

  If you want something else, ask a better question.

> use case:
> my task is to setup a radiusd for 6 realms (Again not my idea). all realms
> should be equal and will be used for m2m only.

  That doesn't make any sense.

  What do you mean by "realms should be equal"?  What is "m2m?

> so dropping everything outside
> these realms would be ok. the number of "users" will be very limited.
> I did not expect that this would be anything complicated.

  Of course it's complicated.   You haven't defined what you want to do.
 You're using pre-existing terms (realms), but are using them wrong.

  Describe what you want to do *accurately*.  Refer to attributes.  Give

  Alan DeKok.

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