Access-Challenge with FreeRadius

David Mitton david at
Wed Nov 9 18:46:54 CET 2011

And if you read that thread... you find that the short answer is you don't.
There is no configuration option to generate messages.

The authentication method implementation logic knows what interactions  
it supports and generates the appropriate messages.  Some auth methods  
will never use an Access-Challenge,  some always will (EAP).   Some  
vary depending on the auth.

e.g. some RADIUS servers will send A-C in PAP if they are  
authenticating SecurID.  (not recommended but it's out there)

Bottom line; you are framing the problem incorrectly and asking the  
wrong question.


Quoting hughdavid <hughdavid1983 at>:

> Hello,
> I am a new user of FreeRadius (on windows)
> I have the same question as this post: How to configure freeRADIUS server so
> it replies with a PAP "access-challenge" message on "access-request" from a
> client?
> Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
> Best Regards,
> Zhuoming (zhuoming.huang at
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