newbie and realms

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Nov 9 21:08:35 CET 2011

walter harms wrote:
>>   What do you mean by "realms should be equal"?  What is "m2m?
> equal = the realms will differ in names only, not in configuration

  Since it's clear you don't know what realms are, I have no idea what
you mean by this.

> m2m   = machine to machine - no user interaction

  Which means... what in the context of RADIUS?

> Our dial-ins (now no radiusd) are moved to a and they told me
> "setup a radiusd" with 6 realms". I guess the machines will get usernames,
> perhaps very box the same. the realm will simple reflect the region they
> are calling from.

  That's a little better.  But not enough.

  If you really wanted to solve the problem you would have posted the
above paragraph in your first message.  You would have included
*everything* which might be relevant.

  You've refused to do that.  Multiple times.  It's clear you're
reluctant to give any useful information which allows us to help you.
You're more interested in playing 20 questions than solving your problem.

  My answer now is the same as in my first message: go read
raddb/proxy.conf.  Everything about realms is defined there.  You
obviously haven't read it, because *all* explanations of realms is
included there.

  That documentation might reference terms you're not familiar with.
Too bad.  Those terms are *also* documented in proxy.conf.  Go read it.

  Now stop being unhelpful, go help yourself.  I'm done here.

  Alan DeKok.

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