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Sorry for any inconvenience caused by it. I just put the output 3rd time since Alan Buxey asked for the complete radiusd-X output, not the small 3 line output to get the complete picture. Yesterday only I joined this freeradius list. Yesterday I opened the thread thinking to get suggestion where you were the one to give suggestion,  I couldn't figure out how to solve that; and today I found this 'LDAP+Freeradius' thread with the same issue and posted here thinking I Might get quick response from the individual who already faced and solved this issue.
My intention is not to trouble by sending the same post. I just want suggestion from this group.
Again, Sorry if my questions troubled you guys.

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Alan DeKok wrote too quickly: 
>   But you need to posting the same question.  If you do, you can be 
> unsubscribed. 

  You need to *stop* posting the same question. 

  I think I might set up a bot to monitor the list.  The same question 3 
times from someone results in them being unsubscribed. 

  Alan DeKok. 
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