Freeradius proxy to IAS w/SQL attributes?

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Wed Nov 9 22:05:23 CET 2011


quick one liner really...... if you look at the flow of this,
you will notice a small difference when the remote proxy sends back the access-accept
(yes, there is a LOT of EAP output - there is also a lot of challenge-response...when you
get familar, you can just ignore those 13 or 15 will learn to just 'blank'
them when reading the output - so long as there is no error! ;-) 

look at the final bit - post-auth - this is where you want to fire off the logic
you need. there is little point doing it elsewhere - for you are only sending
it to IAS - which wont do anything are also making the attribute
list bigger and bigger it seems :-)


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