Freeradius proxy to IAS w/SQL attributes?

Rob Ansaldo rlansaldo at
Wed Nov 9 22:54:05 CET 2011

Alan DeKok wrote:
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> Rob Ansaldo wrote:
> > The IAS server does not have these attributes, nor do we
> > want to use the IAS server for them.
>   Or... you could just use FreeRADIUS for everything. :)

We can dream, right? :)

> > Is what I am trying to do possible and if so, how would I go about
> it?
>   Yes.  Delete "sql" from the "authorize" section.  Instead, add it to
> the "post-auth" section as "sql.authorize".
>   The SQL module will be queried *after* it receives the Access-Accept
> from IAS.  The SQL queries which are used will be the ones you've
> already configured from "authorize", which seem to work.

Yes! This works perfectly! I had previously tried using just the "sql"
section in "post-auth", but as expected it ran the "postauth_query".
Will go dig around the comments and see how I missed the "sql.authorize"

Thank you Alan!

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