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I agree with Jake, in that I *think* it would be possible to have a plugin or whatever interface with LDAP/AD in the same manner ntlm_auth does.  I don't think one *needs* a cleartext password, but does need some way to compare apples-to-apples.  That said, I don't know the inner workings of all the auth protocols involved here so I could be way off.  Something tells me if it were easy/possible, Mr. DeKok would have likely written the plugin by now.

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> Please forgive the interjection, but does anyone know of a helper
> module like ntlm_auth that would work with LDAP, seems like such a
> tool would make questions like this a non-issue.

No, will not work. You can't transform the normally used hashes back
into a cleartext password. (This is kind of the whole point of a hash.)

As long you don't have any means to provide FreeRADIUS with a cleartext
password or the NT/LM-Hash, you are doomed.

ntlm_auth just offloads the whole Challenge-Response exchange from the
RADIUS server to the ActiveDirectory (as far as I understand it) using
the ntlm_auth binary from Samba. Again: the AD will have to know the
cleartext password in some way (either encrypted or somehow
"pre-hashed") to make this work. (Don't know the specifics, I am a Unix
guy, the only Windows near me is on my gaming computer.)


Sigmentation fault. Core dumped.

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