Fixed Duration Weekly, Monthly and Daily Accounts

JennyBlunt jennyshoehorn at
Sat Nov 12 13:49:32 CET 2011

Thanks for the help, that's very useful. I can get the time in there now but
have a question about getting our access-period out. 

In post-auth, I've tried this query to get the access-period out:

if (! "%{control.Tmp-String-0}") {
    update control {
      Tmp-String-2 := "%{sql: SELECT value FROM radcheck WHERE
username='%{User-Name}' and attribute = 'Access-Period'}"
      Tmp-String-3 := "%{sql: INSERT INTO radcheck
(username,attribute,op,value) values ('%{User-Name}', 'Expiration', ':=',
'%{Tmp-String-2}')}; SELECT NOW()"

In freeradius, Tmp-String-2 has no value, whereas if I run the query in
mysql, I get a value of 86400 (I know the above doesn't sum anything).

How can I get and use the value?

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