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Miha Zoubek miha at softnet.si
Mon Nov 14 08:48:06 CET 2011

@Hi Alan,

thank you for you answer. Is it possible to block second packages from 
NAS (that I would not get thous entries in my sqltables)?

p.s.: I do not get any information about this issue on freeswitch maling 

  71.449050 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx RADIUS 
Accounting-Request(4) (id=235, l=265)
  71.517347 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx RADIUS 
Accounting-Response(5) (id=235, l=20)
  73.536126 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx RADIUS Access-Request(1) 
(id=236, l=210)
  73.567412 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx RADIUS Access-Accept(2) 
(id=236, l=20)
  73.572794 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx RADIUS 
Accounting-Request(4) (id=237, l=321)
  73.574156 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx RADIUS 
Accounting-Response(5) (id=237, l=20)
  83.482760 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx RADIUS 
Accounting-Request(4) (id=238, l=401)
  83.485670 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx RADIUS 
Accounting-Response(5) (id=238, l=20)
  83.514594 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx RADIUS 
Accounting-Request(4) (id=239, l=402)
  83.516404 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx RADIUS 
Accounting-Response(5) (id=239, l=20)


On 11/9/2011 5:37 PM, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Miha Zoubek wrote:
>> our freeradius is working with our softswitch perfect. All my columns in
>> radacct are populating.
>    That's good.
>> Now I have set freeswitch and I also got it work with freeradius. This
>> are two different softswitchs and I would like that bouth will populate
>> same base. Problem appears as freeswitch is sending different
>> attributes, so I make differences in
>> dialup.conf (than the other softswitch will not populate right radacct
>> table).
>    This is why the SQL queries are editable.  You can edit them to say
> "use attribute X, if it doesn't exist, use attribute Y".  See "man
> unlang" for the syntax.
>> Can I populate same base? But how to configure dialup.conf than?
>> How can I set up in on radius to different base with to different
>> dialup.conf (I must edit this file due to different attribute
>> representation).
>    Edit dialup.conf.
>> Below you will find freeswitch attributes:
>    Ok... which freeswitch attributes do you want to use?  Which SQL
> column do they map to?
>    Write that down.  Then, edit the SQL queries as described above.
>> P.s.: I am getting all inputs in radacct table duplicate. Can you help
>> me out how can I deal with this issue?
>    Your NAS is sending duplicate accounting packets.  That's really how
> RADIUS works.  You will need to figure out why the entries are duplicate
> (they're probably *not* duplicate), and figure out what fields make up
> the "same" session.
>    Alan DeKok.
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