How to proxy only any type of requests

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Mon Nov 14 18:28:48 CET 2011

Hi folks,

I a newbie freeradius user and I have a new problem. I have a switch
that send auth request to a FreeRadius. I need that if the auth
request if for a windows user (for example user NTCETEMMSA\guillem)
resend the request to a windows nps server, but, if the auth request
is a MAC address  (for example 00-24-54-3E-04-5A/NOPASSWORD), the FR
use the users file for auth this.

The problem is that the FR always auth only with users file or always
auth only with the windows nps server.

This is my proxy.conf server:

realm LOCAL {

realm NULL {

realm DEFAULT {
        type = radius
        authhost        =
        accthost        =
        secret = J3q0fHat

And my users fils:

"00-24-54-3E-04-5A" Auth-Type := "Local", User-Password = "NOPASSWORD"
  tunnel-type = 13,
   tunnel-medium-type = 6,
   tunnel-private-group-ID = 910,
        Filter-Id = "Enterasys:version1:policy=Admon"

Anybody can help me please?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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