Issues with EAP-TLS and OpenSSL

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Nov 15 19:21:27 CET 2011

Houston-III, Lester L wrote:
> The rlm_eap_tls was built and I think it was installed, but I'm still getting the following errors when running the server.  The last line is probably shown because the tls section of eap.conf is ignored, but I'm not sure why I'm getting the other lines when I run configure and it states that OpenSSL is supported.
> Ignoring EAP-Type/tls because we do not have OpenSSL support.
> Ignoring EAP-Type/ttls because we do not have OpenSSL support.
> rlm_eap: No EAP type configured, module cannot do anything.

  The EAP module needs to be built with OpenSSL support.  If you've
re-built only rlm_eap_tls, then that isn't good enough.

  The simplest way to fix this is to *delete* your existing
installation.  Then re-build and re-install.

  Alan DeKok.

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