Keeping plain-text shared secret and user passwords in sql

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Tue Nov 15 22:04:38 CET 2011

I'm attempting to use freeradius to authenticate wireless network in my
organisation, using self-signed certificates.
I have installed freeradius 2.1.10 from debian 6 repository, set up basic
configuration according to instructions on site, finally
I've configured freeradius to use mysql.

It seems to work properly, but i wonder if it is safe to keep user password
and client secret in plaintext? I searched the lists and googled a bit, but
I can't find any information regarding this case.

1 - is there a way (or sense) to hash shared secret in my database?
2 - Can I hash user passwords if I'm using eap-tls?
2a - if I'm using certificates for authentication, do I actually need to
keep user passwords? Cause it seems that they aren't used during
authentication (or I didn't find that part during debuging)

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