Can I disable user certificate? Can I generate new one?

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Fri Nov 18 16:04:17 CET 2011


Here's the case:
Let's assume we have configured freeradius to use EAP/TLS. CA and server
certificates are created, users recieved their .p12 keys and server certs.
Now everyone (that has theese files of course) can access our wireless

What if - for some reason - I want to disallow certain user from having
access? He already has the files he needs installed on his machine. I can
set Expiration attribute, but is there any other way?

What if I need to generate a new certificate for the same user? Let's say
someone gained access to his computer and stole the certificate and the
key? Can I generate a new certificate for the same user and disable the old
one he had?

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