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Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Nov 21 19:56:36 CET 2011

Jim Pazarena wrote:
> I'm a newby to freeradius2 (from cistron),

  Wow... you haven't upgraded in a while.

> and I have it starting up,
> and logging. However, it isn't attempting to load the "users" file.

  It loads it in the default configuration.

> I do not see any line in the radiusd.conf file which references "users".

  It's not.  It's in raddb/modules/files.

> I can remove the users file, and freeradius2 doesn't complain about it.
> Please, what am I missing?

  You seemed to have copied the Cistron configuration to FreeRADIUS.
Or, done something similar to break the default configuration.

  Don't do that.

  The default configuration works.  Use it.  Make the *minimal* changes
necessary to get your Cistron config working.  It shouldn't be hard.
Just copy the "users" file, and not much else.

  Alan DeKok.

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