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Angel L. Mateo amateo at um.es
Thu Nov 24 08:56:39 CET 2011

El 23/11/11 10:51, Giovanni Rosini (personale) escribió:
> Il 23/11/2011 10.18, Angel L. Mateo ha scritto:
>> El 16/11/11 16:54, xgiova escribió:
>>> I'm havig the same problem on my Centos server.
>>> Can you explain how did you solve?
>> The problem was related with virtual servers. The virtual server
>> assigned to the client running radzap was incorrect.
> I'm running radzap from server and I have only the default virtual server.
> Where did you define the association between client and virtual server?
> is it in clients.conf?

	yes, but if you don't define any there, default virtual server was used.

	I don't remember exactly the details (I was configuring the server at 
that time and I made a lot of changes) but my problem was that I 
disabled default virtual server and didn't define one for localhost 
(where I run radzap).

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