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	Thank you, I will test the configuration and I will make a try in
real world with that. Hope it work!


Nataniel Klug


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> On 11/23/2011 08:42 PM, Nataniel Klug wrote:
> > 	I think I did not made my self clear. I need to store radacct data
> > MySQL and all the rest in PostgreSQL. I was reading about multiple
> Ok, that's clear.
> > instances of SQL (for redundant purposes) and I think it can be used.
> > So in my sites-enable/client file I would have something like "sql" on
> > Authorization section (and this instance would be a PostgreSQL) and a
> > sql1 on Accounting section (this would be a MySQL). In sqlippool.conf
> > I can set it to run over "sql" instance (using PostgreSQL).
> >
> > 	Is this possible? I need to acces just the data on radacct over
> > MySQL.
> Yes. The config you've described should work. sqlippool will talk to your
> postgres install, and accounting will go into your mysql install.
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