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In perl script $RAD_REQUEST{'User-Name'} returns the username of the EAP request message. How can I get the password of the
EAP request? $RAD_REQUEST{'User-Password'} won't return the password.

rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host port 50168, id=207, length=185
        User-Name = "test"
        NAS-IP-Address =
        NAS-Identifier = "belair"
        NAS-Port = 0
        Called-Station-Id = "00-0D-67-12-15-80:SSO_BelAir-PMIP-8021x"
        Calling-Station-Id = "00-26-4A-FC-EB-B2"
        Framed-MTU = 1400
        NAS-Port-Type = Wireless-802.11
        Connect-Info = "CONNECT 11Mbps 802.11b"
        EAP-Message = 0x020100060319
        State = 0xce81437fce8047c9464d6ff62d386d00
        Message-Authenticator = 0x5feafac09a6cce51d36958efc628f397
+- entering group authorize {...}
++[preprocess] returns ok
++[chap] returns noop
++[mschap] returns noop
[suffix] No '@' in User-Name = "test", looking up realm NULL
[suffix] No such realm "NULL"
++[suffix] returns noop
[eap] EAP packet type response id 1 length 6
[eap] No EAP Start, assuming it's an on-going EAP conversation
++[eap] returns updated
++[unix] returns notfound
[files] users: Matched entry DEFAULT at line 209
++[files] returns ok
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: NAS-Port-Type = Wireless-802.11
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: State = 0xce81437fce8047c9464d6ff62d386d00
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: Calling-Station-Id = 00-26-4A-FC-EB-B2
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: Called-Station-Id = 00-0D-67-12-15-80:SSO_BelAir-PMIP-8021x
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: Message-Authenticator = 0x5feafac09a6cce51d36958efc628f397
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: User-Name = test
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: NAS-Identifier = belair
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: EAP-Message = 0x020100060319
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: Connect-Info = CONNECT 11Mbps 802.11b
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: EAP-Type = NAK
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: NAS-IP-Address =
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: NAS-Port = 0
rlm_perl: RAD_REQUEST: Framed-MTU = 1400
rlm_perl: Added pair NAS-Port-Type = Wireless-802.11
rlm_perl: Added pair State = 0xce81437fce8047c9464d6ff62d386d00
rlm_perl: Added pair Calling-Station-Id = 00-26-4A-FC-EB-B2
rlm_perl: Added pair Called-Station-Id = 00-0D-67-12-15-80:SSO_BelAir-PMIP-8021x
rlm_perl: Added pair Message-Authenticator = 0x5feafac09a6cce51d36958efc628f397
rlm_perl: Added pair User-Name = test
rlm_perl: Added pair NAS-Identifier = belair
rlm_perl: Added pair EAP-Message = 0x020100060319
rlm_perl: Added pair Connect-Info = CONNECT 11Mbps 802.11b
rlm_perl: Added pair EAP-Type = NAK
rlm_perl: Added pair NAS-IP-Address =
rlm_perl: Added pair NAS-Port = 0
rlm_perl: Added pair Framed-MTU = 1400
rlm_perl: Added pair Auth-Type = EAP
++[perl] returns ok
++[expiration] returns noop
++[logintime] returns noop
[pap] WARNING! No "known good" password found for the user.  Authentication may fail because of this.
++[pap] returns noop
Found Auth-Type = EAP
+- entering group authenticate {...}
[eap] Request found, released from the list
[eap] EAP NAK
[eap] EAP-NAK asked for EAP-Type/peap
[eap] processing type tls
[tls] Initiate
[tls] Start returned 1
++[eap] returns handled

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