Trying to solve a Simultaneous-Use problem

Nataniel Klug listas.nata at
Mon Oct 10 21:44:25 CEST 2011

                Hello all,


                I am trying to solve a problem about Simultaneous-Use, not
in the code because it’s working, but inside my network layout. I have two
different NAS the can authenticate the same client for PPPoE, something like



[ internet ] ---+ NAS01 +--- [ client ]

                      ----| NAS02 |----


                So the client can be connected to any of those 2 NAS for
different reasons and when I have a problem, like a power surge, in one of
the NAS I got the connection stopped because the NAS that turned down is not
sending any accounting packets to the radius. It’s ok when I use only one
NAS but I am using 2 for backup in cases like a power surge or a hard
shutdown of the machine. If the simultaneous-use work so the client cannot
connect to NAS02 (assuming that NAS01 has been turned down) until NAS01 is
powered on and send account-stop to the radius.


                So, my question is: how can I use Simultaneous-Use in this
scenario? Should I make a script that test if the NAS is online every 10
seconds and if not list all clients connect and stop that connections?
Should this work? Is there anyone with the same scenario that can share the
solution for the problem?



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