[?? Probable Spam] Re: Local Auth if Proxy Auth fails ---OR--- Proxy Auth if Local Authfails

"Яцко Эллад Геннадьевич (ngs)" eyatsko at ngs.ru
Tue Oct 11 12:19:30 CEST 2011

Dear Alan!

I ask you to be more indulgent, I didn't want to anger you. :-)

Would you explain how will it work? I really need to understand
what is happening, cause I want to do any thing sensibly.

Suppose I have perform all your recommendations. Cisco sends
Access-Acepts to RADIUS, It receives a packet and...
What is further? How does RADIUS proceed it?

Or simply point me to some articles with examples somewhere  in

Kind regards,
Ellad Yatsko

> My original answer explained what to do. Follow instructions, or don't 
> ask questions. 

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