Problems with my radrelay configuration?

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Oct 13 14:29:38 CEST 2011

tonimanel wrote:
> Ok, the service running ok. The authentication and accounting it's ok only in
> one server, in the other server not appears nothing about accounting, so the
> synchronization not function correct.
> What can to be happening?

  No idea.

  What does debug mode say?  Have you checked that the main server is
writing to the same file that radrelay is reading?

  The default configuration *should* work, with minimal changes.  Just
take the default configuration, and change raddb/modules/detail:

	detailfile = ${radacctdir}/detail

  That is the *only* configuration you will need to change in order to
get radrelay working.  The packets won't be proxied to the right place,
but you can edit radrelay.conf to change that.

  You've fallen into the common trap of working *really* hard to come up
with a solution.  You've posted message after message where you're
confused about how the server works, and end up doing the wrong thing.

  Instead, change as little as possible.  The server is designed so that

  Alan DeKok.

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