Policy construct for string "concatenation"

Ray Scholl ray.scholl at security7.net
Thu Oct 13 19:15:11 CEST 2011

Good afternoon:

I was hoping to see if anyone could provide the best syntax to concatenate two strings being used in a comparison (policy.conf).


We intend to compare an LDAP group name to a Freeradius shortname, but we want the shortname to be "shortname" ++ "otp".

The existing syntax (which we believe will work) is :
if ( clients_ldap-Ldap-Group == FreeRadius-Client-Shortname)

New syntax :
if ( clients_ldap-Ldap-Group ==                )

The Manpage for unlang references double quotes around variable, but one is a constant.  Should I declare a variable and then quote them -
                "FreeRadius-Client-Shortname vOTP"

Thanks in advance,


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